Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited

Driving sustainability for our future!

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd (Blue Star E&E) sees a sustainable society as one that balances Planet (the environment), People (society) and Profit (our economic activities). Given the possibility of mineral resource depletion in the near future, manufacturing styles are only sustainable if resources are reused.

E-Waste Management

Underpinning all our activities is a drive to reduce environmental impact to a level that the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities can manage. To conserve the planet’s precious resources, we work to minimize our environmental impact in the areas of resource extraction, energy consumption, chemical discharges and carbon emissions.

Blue Star E&E global environment policy committed to comply with India’s E-Waste Management Rules 2016. The company have establish collection and recycling program in India partnered with RPlanet Integrated Solution Pvt. Ltd. For further information with regards to our E-Waste collection and recycling program please follow this link or call 1800-121-4657.

If any customer wants to handover the material from their door steps we do send either our logistics team or RPlanet Integrated Solution team to collect the items and channelize the same to our e-waste partner RPlant for final processing. RPlanet Integrated Solution Pvt. Ltd. has signed an agreement with Agarwal Expert Packer and Movers for reverse logistics for channelization of E-Waste.