When is the right time to sell or trade your medical imaging equipment?

As a healthcare provider, you must know the importance of owning the latest medical imaging systems. Being so widely used, MRI and CT Scan systems are subject to wear and tear. Even though well-maintained equipment should last longer than expected, eventually, outdated equipment must be replaced.

Before learning to remove your equipment, you must know the signs to look out for.

Age matters!

Each radiology system must be planned for a 5-year lifecycle. Strategies must be made to replace any imaging machine that exceeds this limit. As equipment gets older, unexpected failures and breakdowns may lead to crucial diagnosis and treatment delays.

Don’t be the ‘Technology Dinosaur’

Progress renders older technology obsolete. Medical Diagnostic imaging is always evolving via R&D in order to provide improved clinical assistance and diagnosis. This results in the development of enhanced and innovative imaging techniques and applications. If the system is too outdated or cannot be upgraded, it is best to replace it in order to give up-to-date diagnostic patient care.

Only equipment less than five years old can be considered state-of-the-art at the current advancement rate. Newer MRI and CT scanning systems are more comfortable, offer a more extensive range of applications and are modular. 

The tech is still usable for less than ten years with proper maintenance. If you are at this stage, you should already be looking for a replacement strategy.

Once the equipment is older than ten years, it is no longer state of the art. If you are at this stage, it is safe to assume that you will lose business to competitors using better, more patient-centric technology.

If it costs less to buy than maintain, don’t keep it!

Operating costs of older equipment will be high compared with new equipment, and sometimes maintenance will be impossible for obsolete spare parts. Technical or functional obsolescence might deteriorate the functionality of radiology equipment.

Using outdated machinery also means lagging in a communicative environment where document management is required. Technology such as teleradiology, patient identity propagation and connection with electronic patient records is now inbuilt with most latest radiology equipment.

Don’t miss out on a fair deal

Outdated equipment does not always mean it is inexpensive. Resellers and OEMs pay top dollar to buy back equipment for refurbishment. You may even get a discount if your equipment is in good shape. It is also smart to trade in old equipment for new technology.


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