The Widest Oval Bore 3T MRI

Trillium Oval combines cutting edge workflow technologies, with the most advanced imaging tech to capture anatomical detail of exceptional clarity.

With a unique oval bore at 74cm wide, this system provides unprecedented comfort and space to accommodate patients of any size. As patients feel more relaxed going into the MRI scan, we can obtain higher-precision for the best image quality.


  • The widest Oval Bore 3T MRI with unprecedented comfort and space to accommodate patients of any size.
  • Equipped with gradient strength of 40mT/m, SR 200 T/m/s, and QUARTET RF irradiation system.
  • OVAL Drive FGC generates optimum tilted magnetic field for large-diameter elliptical bores.
  • Enhanced speed with automatic slice positioning with AutoPose
  • Advanced scanning techniques with QuickScan protocols, isoFSE 3D isotropic imaging. TIGRE and FatSep for fast, fat-suppressed imaging.
  • Powerful system with fast recon and processing capabilities
  • Compatible with advanced visualization tools for the best image analysis
  • Industry-leading 74cm oval bore for a spacious and relaxing environment
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use functions together with fully automated operations to streamline your clinical operations.
  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ – maximizing your uptime.
  • 32ch head coil with improved sensitivity and high-resolution imaging capability.
  • Maximize performance of isoFSE, BSI, MRS for clinical diagnosis
  • New analysis method DKI (Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging) provides detailed structural information of cranial nerves.
  • All around RADAR imaging to reduce motion artifacts.
  • A full suite of advanced imaging features like RAPID, QSM, BeamSat TOF, CSI, μTE, TIGRE and more.

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