Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited

T-47G is completely self-contained comprising of a built-in battery charger and all accessories stored within the removable cover. An easy-to-understand and operate front panel interface, controlled using toggle switches, and an easy-to-read display, makes operation easy with little or no training. The directional antenna with an active LED display and optical sight is used for both Interrogator and Transponder testing.


  • The T-47G Test Set is capable of full functional ramp checks of Transponders and Interrogators in Modes 1, 2, 3A/C, S and Mode 4, TCAS, TACAN, and DME equipment
  • TACAN and DME frequency and power measurement capability
  • Performs Mode 4 tests using external KIT or KIR (not supplied)
  • TACAN/DME modes: Ground-to-Air (G/A); Air-to-Air (A/A); and Air-to-Air Beacon (A/A BCN)
  • Allows simulation of ATCRBS or Mode S intruders for TCAS testing

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