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T-47NC and T-47NH Multifunction Ramp Test Set is a battery-powered portable unit used to test the operation of Transponders and Interrogators including Mode S Transponders, TCAS Interrogators, and TACAN/DME equipment that are installed in aircraft and other vehicles. Tests of both Transponders and Interrogators can be performed by using the T-47NC/NH directional antenna to radiate to and from the unit-under-test (UUT) or by directly connecting to the UUT antenna port.


  • T-47N Test Set is capable of full functional ramp checks of Transponders and Interrogators in Modes 1, 2,
    3A/C, S and Mode 4, TCAS, TACAN, and DME equipment
  • Performs Mode 4 test with KIR/KIT or KIV-6
  • Simulates ATCRBS or Mode S intruders for TCAS testing
  • TACAN/DME modes: Ground-to-Air (G/A); Air-to-Air (A/A); and Air-to-Air Beacon (A/A BCN)
  • Available with built-in directional antenna (T-47NC)

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