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T-36M is a rugged, user-friendly, high-precision instrument for rapid functional testing and calibration of military VOR, LOC/GS, MB, and low-mid-high-VHF/UHF COMM avionics equipment. The T-36M can be operated in the knob/switch mode which provides an operator dressed in protective clothing with accurate Go/No-Go testing on the flight line. The keyboard mode also provides full functioning testing and diagnostics.


  • Generates ILS signals to ICAO Annex 10 CAT III precision
  • Checks VOR, GS, LOC, MB, VHF/UHF COMM, Flight Director, and Autopilot
  • Outstanding ramp test capabilities
  • High RF output allows operation from the flight deck of large aircraft
  • User selection of frequency using pre-set switches or keyboard
  • Supports 8.33kHz channel selection
  • Antenna-to-antenna or direct connect (CoAx)

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