Renew your service contract for your imaging equipment on time – Here are 6 reasons why…

By definition, a service contract is a business agreement between a service provider and a customer covering the maintenance and servicing of equipment over a specified period.
In simple terms, it means less worry. Especially for you as a customer.

A service contract enlists the obligations and the responsibilities of the service provider ensuring maintenance is seamless and timely.

But like all good things come to an end, so do service contracts. This is why the on-time renewal of a service contract is critical. Especially when it comes to imaging equipment, where certification, compliance, and maintaining industry standards are essential, often even determining the difference between life and death (remember, imaging equipment is important in tracking the progress of an ongoing illness, ensuring more comprehensive care).

Why is it important for you as a customer to renew your service contract on time?

The whole nine yards

Renewing a service contract makes it more customized to suit your needs. Your needs may change as time goes on, and at the time of renewal you can explain to the provider they have changed and what you need to make the service more suited to them. For instance, maybe you need a change in service schedules?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

A service contract ensures continued maintenance. If maintenance is overdue, especially in medical imaging equipment, it can become a safety hazard. It can result in the equipment not working in top condition in the long run, which can compromise the quality of the results. On-time renewal ensures preventive maintenance and helps to avoid surprise repairs.

Get a second wind

Renewing a service contract on time can help with switches and upgrades to service. For instance, if you have only an inspection service, you may want to upgrade to a full coverage service and you can do so easily when you are renewing your service contract.

A stitch in time saves nine

Often, renewing a service contract is much more cost-effective than having to sign up a new one. You can avail loyal customer discounts on your previously contracted rates. Signing on new contracts is often more expensive than just renewing older ones. Also, if there is a call-out for service during the time that your old service contract has expired and the new one is still being processed for renewal, you may experience additional fees.

It takes two to tango

Whenever there is a contract, there is a verification process from both sides – customer and provider. This goes faster and smoother when it is a renewal and not a new sign-on because most of the data is already available in the system. Imagine, your MRI scanner is malfunctioning but repair is delayed because the service contract has expired and a new one needs to be drawn up. It’s all going to translate to unhappy customers.

Put down in black and white

A service contract outlines terms like service and work, timelines, compensations, warranties, compliance, indemnities, insurance, dispute resolution, and remedies. It is therefore important to renew a service contract on time.

Renew your service contracts on time to help us keep your medical equipment working like new. At Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd (Blue Star E&E), our service agreements ensure equipment maintenance, reduce machine downtime, and most important help to save you money. Contact us today to renew your service contract.

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