Project Management for Diagnostic Imaging Equipment: What can your provider do for you?

As pioneers in providing Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, we are often asked this when we suggest project management for the systems procured from us. Why? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy equipment from an individual or another site and take it as it comes, rather than from company?

It may sometimes be less expensive up front to do that, but what happens when there is a problem in site planning or problem with the equipment? Remember, this equipment needs accurate and detailed planning and it has to be precise in performance, and quality-assured as it deals with health. There is no room for error.

An equipment provider who offers complete project management, as we do, can ensure all of that, and more. If you’re still wondering why you need project management, here are the value-adds:

Experienced Personnel

When you sign up for projects, you’re signing up for a specialist team having Industry experience and expertise that is hard to match.

Our Project management team is having extensive experience in assisting customers with preparing their sites for delivery and installation of their systems. The involvement in a client’s project often begins in early stages which allows better management starting from inception to handover, providing input in each stage of the project.

Site Planning

Site planning for Diagnostic Radiology Equipment is a specialized area and requires a clear understanding of the clinical needs of the healthcare facility.

Site planning specialists thoroughly review and evaluate all aspects like facility design, better workflow, safety, rigging path, architectural needs and efficient use of space etc. during initial site qualification. Communication about site plan and requirements for the proposed location begin early in the process with all stakeholders. This helps in faster execution, optimize costs and to mitigate risks associated at customer desired location.

Site Readiness & Equipment Delivery

Project specialist makes sure that everything runs smoothly while site is getting ready for equipment receipt. Continuous follow-up is been done so that there are no hiccups during delivery and installation. Project specialist does site visits to ensure that site is fully ready and preparations meet the system’s needs.

Our expert logistics team takes care of packaging and transportation needs of equipment. Once site is ready, the equipment arrives on-site and well equipped rigging team will offload and move the system as per the best delivery route while taking necessary precautions to protect the equipment and the site.


When it comes to installation, project management ensures that it is seamless experience. An expert team conducts a detailed inspection, then oversees the installation, to ensure there are no problems.

We know that when it comes to Diagnostic Radiology Equipment, even the smallest error can delay the installation or cause a malfunction, which is why a dedicated project management team works to get the system patient-ready.

Clinical Applications

Project management team arranges application training of the equipment as soon as it is installed. Our application specialist will train user for clinical applications including how to use scan protocols and patient positioning etc. This training will improve the workflow management and processes run smoothly resulting into a better user experience.


Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Projects aren’t just about plug and play. It is about systematic planning, smooth process flow, and quick turnaround to get the best performance. All this requires is better project management to achieve these specific goals. Ultimately, a quality provider with project management team can work alongside you throughout the project.

At Blue Star Engineering & Electronics, we are committed to superior project delivery through intelligent engineering, efficient execution processes and best-in-class project management practices to enrich patient care in every way possible. Give us a call today, if you have an upcoming imaging equipment project.

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