The DAZZ U-Series is a versatile composite 3D scanner that combines infrared and blue lasers in one instrument. Crafted for precision and adaptability, our advanced handheld 3D scanner offers five distinct modes: large-area scanning with parallel infrared lasers, rapid scanning with blue laser crosses, hyperfine scanning with blue parallel lasers, deep-hole scanning with a single blue laser, and a built-in large-area photogrammetry system.

The Dazz U series handheld 3D scanner showcases swift scanning, high precision, and fine detail capture across expansive areas with a deep field of view. Excelling in measuring dark and reflective surfaces, it’s ideal for industrial components such as wind turbines, automotive bodies, and hydro-power equipment.


1. 5 Standard Operating Modes: Offers versatility with five operating modes, catering to diverse scanning needs with precision and efficiency

2. Multi-Spectrum 3D Scanning and Calibration Technique: Combines infrared and blue lasers for optimal performance in various scanning scenarios

3. Fast Scanning Speed (up to 4,150,000 Measurements/s): Enables rapid 3D scanning, reducing time and increasing productivity

4. High Accuracy (up to 0.020 mm): Ensures precise and reliable 3D scans for demanding applications

5. Great Detail Capturing: Captures fine details with high resolution, producing sharp and accurate 3D models

6. Large Scanning Area: Accommodates large objects and complex geometries, minimizing the need for multiple scans

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