Planning to set up a CT machine at your facility? Start with this Site Plan Checklist…

When it comes to CT scan rooms, the specs are important not just for the safety of the patient and personnel using the machine but also to prevent delays and extra costs in the long run, when rooms have to be suddenly remodeled because they are a radiation hazard.

So, let’s get started on that checklist for the site plan

1. Secure the floor

CT scan rooms need to be located on the ground floors because CT scans tend to radiate high doses of X-rays. Ceilings and floors with occupied areas above or below CT machine scanning rooms will require shielding to reduce radiation levels. Uncontrolled areas with high occupancy should be located far from the CT exam room. Also, keep in mind that the floors may require extra shielding which also means the floor has to be built to support the additional weight associated with added shielding.

2. Windows and ceilings

CT scan rooms require shielded walls as well as an x-ray glass control window which is about 48″ wide x 36″ high. Having a window that is 96″ wide x 48″ high offers the best view of the procedure and the patient. Ceilings must be 8 feet high at the very least.

3. Lead-based shielding

Additional shielding is recommended for the nursing stations, the control room, and even vertical barriers. For shielding, walls, need 0.5 to 1-inch lead, doors need 0.25 to 0.5 inches lead; viewing windows should generally be leaded glass or acrylic.

4. Chilled water supply

The gantry or the ring that the patient is placed in is usually cooled with chilled water from a closed loop connection, again usually onsite. This is part of the site planning checklist because one needs to ensure that the chilled water supply connection is possible. Also, the CT exam room needs to be at a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius and it is important to maintain this temperature even when the machine is not being operated.

5. Power

As part of the site plan checklist, one needs to see if the exam room should be individually controlled to meet the temperature requirements as well as the power supply. The room needs to have at contain at least one emergency power-off button.

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak in terms of a site plan checklist when installing a CT scanner. If you are planning to set up a CT exam room in your facility, you need to consult a service provider regarding your site requirements. At Blue Star E&E we have a range of CT scan equipment as well as offer expertise in terms of installation. Do give our experts a call to know more.

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