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The DCNTS is a two-channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer. Its dual demodulator architecture allows the system to use cross-correlation to cancel its internal noise and limitation; it is like comparing the outputs of 2 systems and only displays the similarities while rejecting differences. It is capable of measuring absolute phase or amplitude noise but also residual phase noise under CW or pulsed conditions.


  • Input frequency goes from a few MHz to 140GHz
  • The lowest noise floor of the industry: -195 dBc/Hz
  • Two-channel architecture to use cross-correlation processing
  • All kinds of methods are available, the “swiss army knife” for phase noise testing
  • Pulsed signals or standard CW type
  • Residual/Additive Phase Noise Measurements
  • Absolute Phase or amplitude noise measurements
  • Extensive Jitter computation library
  • Fast ATE System

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