The HandySCAN 3D™ series stands as a tried-and-true, patented metrology-grade 3D scanner. Tailored to cater to the requirements of design, manufacturing, and metrology experts, it offers the most efficient and dependable method for obtaining precise 3D measurements of physical objects in any location.


Portable, precise, and user-friendly, the HandySCAN 3D boasts unparalleled speed, capturing top-notch measurements swiftly. Its performance remains consistent, unaffected by environmental variations or part movements, making it the ultimate tool for quality assurance and product development applications.

  • Max. resolution                                                 0.05 mm
  • Max. accuracy                                                    0.03 mm
  • Volumetric accuracy                                         0.020 mm + 0.100 mm/m
  • Acquisition speed                                             480,000 measurements/s
  • Dimensions                                                         77 × 122 × 294 mm
  • Weight                                                                  0.85 kg

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