Going Green with Refurbished & Used Medical Imaging Equipment

The term “Circular Economy” is becoming increasingly popular in business. It refers to optimising the use of natural resources to reduce waste in the ecosystem, extend equipment life, and save money.

MRIs, CT scanners, C-Arms, and other radiology systems are critical for diagnosing various medical conditions. These systems are both large and expensive, and obtaining them can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for smaller diagnostic facilities in towns and villages.

Purchasing used and refurbished medical imaging equipment saves money and the environment by keeping these devices out of landfills.

The origin of used medical imaging equipment

Well-funded hospitals frequently upgrade their equipment to keep up with the latest technology as a newer model or functionality is introduced. As a result, their outdated MRI, CT, and other scanners must either be sold as scrap or sent to landfills.

The majority of the time, this medical imaging technology is only a few years old and still has many years of useful life left.

Refurbished equipment can look and function as good as new because companies such as Blue Star E&E specialise in equipment refurbishment, ensuring you get a quality system that will serve your facility for years to come.

Going green without compromising in cost-savings

By its very nature, the healthcare industry has historically been a challenging place to find environmentally friendly practices. To achieve sustainability without compromising healthcare standards or safety, buying used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is one way to contribute to being more ecologically conscious. Choosing to opt for used or refurbished equipment reduces the production of waste and byproducts, the effects of transportation, and the potential environmental effects of shipping potentially hazardous equipment, like the magnet in MRI systems or the oil in the CT scanner transformers.

The healthcare industry is widely recognised as a high-cost sector. Buying refurbished or used diagnostic imaging equipment differs from buying other goods. With full functionality, used systems can be purchased at less than their original cost. For smaller healthcare facilities in towns and villages, the cost difference can mean the difference between providing comprehensive diagnostic services to their patients and referring them to more extensive facilities.

All refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is thoroughly inspected by Blue Star E&E, who also provides reports on any potential flaws discovered so that they can be fixed as needed for complete peace of mind and operational safety.

Blue Star E&Ehas supplied the healthcare sector with high-quality used and refurbished imaging equipment for many years. Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, and our team of professionals works hard to exceed equipment needs expectations and develop a long-term relationship with your company.

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