Factors impacting the lifespan of a CT Scanner Tube

800,000 to 1,600,000 scan seconds or 4-7 years of performance at mid-range patient volume! That’s how long a good quality CT tube is going to last you.

The CT tube is essentially a doughnut-shaped tube that rotates the X-ray 360 degrees around a patient capturing a detailed 3D view of the inside of the body. The smaller the focal point the sharper the image. The CT tube is THE most expensive consumable and important component in the CT scanner.

The x-ray tube works by creating x-ray photons from the electric energy supplied by the x-ray generator. The type of tube determines the amount and quality of the images taken.

Scanning protocol requires multiple long exposures on numerous patients per day which can create stress on the tube. The better the quality of the CT scanner you buy and the better you treat it, the longer it’s going to last. Making a CT tube long-lasting depends on the frequency of use, types of exams, and patient population and the good news is that studies have shown there is no set limit.

Four things a CT tube lifespan depends on

Two ways to increase the lifespan of the CT Tube?

Four ways to tell if the CT tube needs replacement

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