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Blue Star MedTech Solutions Participated In the 76th IRIA Annual Conference, Vijayawada

Blue Star MedTech Solutions is delighted to highlight key moments from the 76th Annual Conference of IRIA, held in Vijayawada from January 25th to 28th, 2024.
Our team had the pleasure of capturing a moment with the esteemed organizing committee of IRIA, featuring Dr. Umesh Krishnamurthy (President IRIA), Dr. Amarnath C. (Past President IRIA), and Dr. L. Murali Krishna (Secretary General IRIA).
From Blue Star MedTech Solutions, Bijal Shah (COO), Atul Kulkarni, Sudheendra MD, Nagaprasada rao, Omkar Nath, Aditi Sharma and Aastha Prabhu had the privilege of connecting with esteemed radiologists.
The event proved to be an enriching experience as we all explored various aspects, including the intersection of technology and healthcare for improved patient outcomes.