DrishtiQ U30/U40, featuring intelligent optical tracking and high-res cameras, provides precise part measurement without reference targets. This optical 3D system, with a portable scanner and i-Tracker, is perfect for large-scale object scanning in aerospace, automotive, and mold industries. Additional modules enhance capabilities: an auxiliary light module inspects stamping parts, a portable T-Probe conducts contact measurements, and when mounted on a robot arm, it enables intelligent automated 3D inspection.


1. Efficient Optical Tracking: DrishtiQ U30 & U40’s optical tracking enables instant 3D scanning without the need for targets, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

2. Precision in Edge Detection: DrishtiQ U30 & U40 swiftly detect edges for on-site inspection of stamping parts, utilizing gray value measurement and an optional light module for accurate and repeatable measurements of hole positions and diameters.

3. High-Speed Detail Capture: DrishtiQ U30 & U40 excel in various scanning scenarios, providing up to 0.025mm accuracy and a rapid rate of 2.6M measurements/s. With 7 parallel blue laser lines for detailed capture and a single line for deep holes and inaccessible areas, it ensures unrivaled speed and precision.

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