Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited

Omniace RA3100 is a data acquisition system for research, development, and field maintenance, which enables accurate and long-term measurement of high-speed switching waveforms, even in severely noisy environments, in electric automobiles, electronic appliances, railroad cars, and solar power generation systems utilizing inverter control technology that has become widespread in recent years.


  • High-speed Sampling and High-definition Measurement at 20M S/s with 18ch for 5 seconds
  • High-resolution waveform printing at high speeds (100mm/s) is possible
  • Memory capacity of 4GB (when 18 channels are used, 20MS/s, 5 seconds)
  • SSD capacity of 256GB (when 36 channels are used, 1MS/s, approximately 59 minutes)
  • Multi-channel Input: Max 36ch (analog input), Max 144ch (logic input)

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