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Omniace RA2300MK II is a data acquisition system with easy-to-use recording and analyzing functions. The virtual amplifier setting screen, touch panel, and large LCD dynamic waveform display shorten and simplify setup and measurement time. The Omniace is equipped with a variety of measurement modes including long-term recording on a 160 GB hard disk (HD) or 256 GB industrial solid-state drive (SSD) and a memory mode capable of capturing high-speed phenomena with excellent reliability.


  • Highly resilient corner pad
  • Excellent vibration resistance for environments with heavy vibrations
  • Similar dimensions to the RA2300A (including protrusions)
  • Designed for embedding and installation
  • Strong and rugged handle
  • Easier to carry with a large, rounded grip
  • Ash black system control panel
  • Dirt and debris from the field doesn’t stand out on the dark control panel

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