The business of the development, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of Consumer Electronics products such as mobile phones, notepads, laptops, flat screen smart TVs, hi-fi systems, etc, is always an exciting one, filled with the glitz and glamour of new product launches, flashy innovations and celebrity endorsements. At the same time, it is a business filled with challenges. Competition is high, product failures in the field can affect brand appeal swiftly in today’s social media-driven world, and being first-to-market is all-important to grab marketshare.

Blue Star E&E understands the Consumer Electronics industry’s dynamics very well, and offers a wide range of solutions for almost every stage of our client’s product cycle – through R&D, Production and Service – to ensure precision design of products and their components, quality testing of assemblies and sub-assemblies in the production line, and fast repair work in the field.

Put together, these solutions can help Consumer Electronics businesses to beat competition and be the leader in their respective fields.


Utmost precision is demanded in the manufacture of consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, tablets and displays. The interplay of a wide variety of materials and the complex geometries of these products are the key quality assurance challenges. 3D Metrology helps the consumer electronics industry to master these challenges.

Blue Star E&E’s non-contact optical sensors, for example, help you measure the gap between the glass and the housing of a smartphone, check the flatness of a display glass, or inspect step heights, edges and PCB coatings, all to within a few micrometres.

In mass production lines in the consumer electronics industry, it is not just high precision and speed that are required of optical sensors but also the ability to take inline measurements. Blue Star E&E’s 3D Sensors are used in the electronics industry for inline inspection of many components including glue beads, cell phone display glass assemblies, cell phone batteries, SIM card connector pins, cell phone housing, the presence-or-absence check for parts on circuit boards, circuit board assemblies, etc.

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