In today’s busy clinics, having a functioning CT/MRI machine is vital for delivering efficient and accurate patient care. Diagnostic Imaging systems provide highly detailed views of internal organs, soft tissues, and bones, often revealing abnormalities undetectable with other imaging techniques. A malfunctioning MRI/CT can significantly disrupt clinic operations, causing delays in diagnoses and treatment. This can impact patient outcomes and strain clinic resources.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading radiologist with a high patient volume, demanded minimal downtime for their critical MRI operations. However, their clinic’s remote location in Ambikapur, roughly 400 km from Raipur, presented a logistical challenge. Limited local transportation options, with only a single nighttime train and few buses. This remoteness meant repairs for any mechanical issue could take at least 2-3 days. Additionally, the clinic faced occasional problems with the diagnostic system itself, including malfunctioning DVD ROM, HDD and even the availability of the backup software on-site. Reloading the backup software was a time-consuming process, often taking 4-5 hours or even a full day.

The Solution

To minimize downtime for our clients, we implemented a self-service hard disk (HDD) backup solution. By using a single cloning device, we were able to create a complete copy of the client’s imaging system HDD. This allows the client to quickly replace a failing HDD and restore their system within 30-40 minutes, significantly reducing dependence on engineer availability.

In cases where an engineer is already on-site for another job, the readily available backup HDD ensures a faster recovery process. No need for additional backups – a dedicated docking cart allows us to easily clone the original HDD on-site and store the backup securely, either.


Reduced Downtime and Costs: One of the major benefits was the reduced downtime which reduced from days to minutes. In the event of a hard drive failure, the client could restore their CT/MRI system within 30-40 minutes by replacing the faulty HDD with the pre-cloned backup. This significant reduction in downtime ensured continued patient care with minimal disruption.
Increased Independence: The self-service solution allows the client to handle basic repairs, like replacing a failed HDD, without waiting for an engineer to travel to their remote location. This newfound independence improves operational efficiency and reduces reliance on external support.
Enhanced Efficiency for Engineers: When an engineer is already on-site for another job, the readily available backup HDD allows them to address the CT/MRI issue faster. The pre-existing backup eliminates the need to create one on the spot, saving valuable time for both the engineer and the client.

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