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The NXA series is a fully automated Phase Noise analyzer. Its dual-channel architecture allows the system to use a cross-correlation process to cancel its internal noise floor. This reliable technique provides access to the unique noise floor performance of the DCNTS. A completely new user interface based on a large 14-inch touchscreen simplifies the operation, focusing the user on the measurement result itself and not on the measurement technique. Experts can always access advanced settings as needed.


  • RF and Microwave Devices from 2 MHz to 6, 26 or 50 GHz
  • Cross-Correlation technique
  • Reference sources built-in for residual and absolute phase noise testing
  • Single-button fast measurement
  • Residual/Additive Phase Noise Measurements capable
  • Frequency Stability (Allan Variance and Deviation) up to 10,000 seconds
  • CW or pulsed signals compatible (CW only for NXA-6)
  • Ideal for the manufacturing floor.
  • NIST tested Calibration accuracy

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