Product Ranges

  • In-Sight 3D-L4000 Series: A unique vision system combining 3D laser displacement technology with a high-performance smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve a wide variety of inspections thanks to a comprehensive suite of true 3D vision tools, easy setup, and speckle-free blue laser optics.
  • 3D-A5000 Series: State-of-the-art area scan 3D camera captures high-resolution 3D point cloud images in a fraction of the time of current methods. Using unique 3D imaging technology, it solves challenging assembly verification, in-line metrology, and robotic guidance applications.
  • DSMax: Fast, high-definition laser displacement sensor for accurate 3D inspections of small, detailed parts. Ideal solution for electronic components which can contain highly reflective or dark features.

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