3 Reasons to choose automated non-destructive testing!!!

From aviation and railways to manufacturing and energy, non-destructive testing (NDT) is a mainstay of many industries. NDT uses various technologies to examine the object being tested for irregularities, including:

  1. Ultrasound
    1. Conventional
    2. Immersion
    3. Non-contact
    4. Air-coupled
    5. Ultrasonics
    6. Advanced NDT (PAUT, guided waves etc.)
  2. Eddy current
    1. Conventional
    2. Array
  3. Radiography
    1. Digital radiography
  4. Vision
    1. Standard computer vision
    2. 3D/2D scans
  5. Magnetic particle testing

The sheer number of tests that can be performed, and the number of objects to be tested, make manual non-destructive testing difficult. As a result, automated non-destructive testing is the better choice in most cases.

Here are some of the key benefits of automated NDT.

1. Increased accuracy

Automation in testing, as with other functions, offers certain advantages. By eliminating the human element, automated testing delivers better results in terms of accuracy and reliability. Manual testing is time-consuming and operators may not be able to identify flaws due to momentary inattentiveness or fatigue. This is especially dangerous when testing critical components in industries like nuclear energy, aviation, etc. Automation reduces human error and increases data accuracy, test reliability and repeatability, as human limitations may cause variance in data, between tests. Further, when integrated with advanced software, the automated testing tool can directly read and analyze test data to identify flaws.

2. Faster testing rates

Automated tests can scan a larger area, and a wider range of materials, based on the calibration of the testing tool and software. Testing software can be customized to suit specific requirements, which offers greater inspection flexibility. Automated UT scanners can be run across multiple tracks to cover a wide test radius, and automatically scan simple and complex structures at different angles and directions. Since adjustment is not required to scan each structure, automated testing is much faster than manual testing.

3. Improved operator health and safety

Non-destructive testing often occurs under hazardous conditions, in the presence of toxic chemicals, or surrounded by heavy machinery. As a result, technicians exposed to such environments are at risk of hazards to their health through exposure or injury. By automating NDT, the technician is involved in calibrating and managing the testing software and tool and is not physically present at the site of the test. This improves health and safety standards for the operator or technician.

Automated NDT in the real world

Automated NDT is not suitable for every circumstance. The initial investment is greater, and in some cases, the technology has heavy manual dependency in the form of manual calibration of the automation software which makes its adaptation unfeasible in economic or practical terms. As a result, manual inspection of simple materials or objects (such as a basic metal weld) is likely to be more practical.

Automated NDT delivery approaches

When you work with an experienced partner like Blue Star E&E, your NDT solutions would likely be delivered via one of two models:

This involves the delivery of customised automated NDT systems in collaboration with the leading technology partners, providing solutions for various industrial inspection needs using technologies such as Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, Industrial Radiography, Eddy Current Testing, Computed Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection, to name a few.

Through this method, the electronics from manufacturers are integrated into your system to create a custom solution for your enterprise, such as steel cleanliness evaluation systems using UT, hydrogen-induced crack detection, etc.

Whether through our NDT systems or integrated custom solutions, Blue Star E&E offers efficient, cost-effective and reliable testing solutions that work for your industry. Reach out to our experts for a consultation today!

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