Product Ranges

  • In-Sight 7000 Series: Combines modular integrated lighting and optics for optimal image formation with powerful vision tools and ease of use in a compact footprint for fast, accurate inspections on space-constrained production lines.
  • In-Sight 8000 Series: Ultra-compact standalone vision systems deliver industry-leading vision-tool performance in the micro form factor of a typical GigE vision camera.
  • In-Sight 9000 Series: Rugged, ultra-high-resolution standalone vision systems equipped with a full suite of In-Sight vision tools solve high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection applications. Line scan and area scan image acquisition options are available for imaging large continuously moving or stationary objects.
    • In-Sight 9912 Area Scan: Standalone, ultra-high-resolution 12MP, vision system acquires and processes exceptionally detailed images for high accuracy part location, measurement, and
      inspection over a large area—even when mounted at longer distances.
    • In-Sight 9902 Line Scan: Self-contained vision systems ideal for detailed inspections of large, cylindrical, or continuously moving objects. 1K and 2K modes deliver high-resolution images that can used to detect even the smallest features and defects.
  • In-Sight 2000 Series: Ideal for solving error-proofing applications, these vision sensors set new standards for value, ease of use, and flexibility and can adapt to virtually any production line environment.

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